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About Our Company

Akon logistics(HK)Limited.

The Founder , Mr.Nirav Shah , realized that the current market situation has a lot of room for Supply chain and logistics.

He started this company with the view in mind that going forward health related products will be required to be transported all over the world between countries.

Not only health related , but with the recent spike in online shopping , logistics , has become a very important and crucial aspect. That’s why the company has been formed to cater to air and sea freight service.

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Our Mission

is to serve our community in which we live and our customers with whom we work with excellence. We believe that through honest, hard work, we can help build a more just, economically sound, dignified and better community for our stakeholders, our customers and our country. We believe in the power of unity and teamwork, in choosing to do things correctly –even when this is not the easiest path to choose. We aim to improve ourselves and our company each and every day through reflection and honest evaluation of our capacity and performance.

Our Goal

To provide the highest quality services to our customers, add value to their supply chain and become a natural extension of their team. We want our customers to be absolutely confident in our ability to deliver our services so that they can focus their energy to their own core business.


Our Role

Local partner with proven expertise in logistics, trade compliance and supply chain operations in the oil and gas industry.

Provide a full range of local and global logistics services. We are the face that facilitates efficient collaboration of diverse supply chain partners.


Our commitment

Listen to our customers and tailor services to meet their objectives.

Continuously evaluate, innovate, and upgrade processes and technology to eliminate errors, achieve maximum efficiency through continuous improvement.

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